John Deere Pencil

John Deere pencil, hand carved, 1″ in cross section x 11 1/2″ long. It has a tractor pulling a hay wagon across the field, relief carved on one side.

Jet Jackson

This was carved for my dad. Dad named him Jet Jackson. Not sure why, dad has a way coming up with ideas that will make you wonder. Dad is a charactor, he has a terrific sense of humor. Dad was a carpenter duriing his working days and could do wonders with wood. So many stories to tell about those occasions when we did things together. I will cherish those memories forever. Dad is very sick these days, he is my hero.

Dad passed 6-18-2014, this carving went with him.

The figure is carved from butternut, the hat basswood, the scooter is cherry, the trailer is mahogany. The wheel all turn and made of birch.





A great knife for the outdoor enthusiast. This knife is made of the finest stainless steel, hollow ground, mirror polished blade. The blade has excellent sharpening retention. Blade is 4-1/4″ Long Blade 5/32” thick, and maximum width 1-1/4” at hook. The blade has a hidden tang and is mounted in and elk horn crown (5-1/2″ long from brass bolster to end of crown). The end of the crown is polished. The shape of the handle lends itself to great comfort for a right handed person. Knife is 10-1/8” overall length. The Sheath is made of extra thick leather with a face hand carved into the sheath stained and finished with shoe polish.


“Woodcutter” is carved from one piece of red mahogany, he stands approx. 7″ tall. The staff and axe are carved from basswood. Woodcutter has been highlighted in various areas with a wood burner, to help accent the detail. The carving is mounted on a walnut base and sealed with a semi-gloss polyurethane finish. Please double click on the picture to enable a better view.

Twisted Cane

This is a very unique cane. It is a twisted vine that I found in the Texas hill country wood over 25 years ago. At the time I found this it was flimsy and not suitable for much of anything. Over the years, it had dried out and become extremely rigid. The bark is still intact and I have since cleaned up the handle area to make it comfortable to use as a cane. The cane has been coated with polyurethane and has a rubber tip on the bottom to aid in walking. It ranges around 1-1/4″ to 1-1/2″ diameter throughout it’s length. The length is 38-1/2″. The type of wood is unknown. This is truly one of a kind.





These are sticks I hand carved for my Brother-in-law and Sister-in-law.

David’s stick is approximately 6′ long, made from diamond willow, approximate 1-1/2″ diameter at the top and 3/4″ diameter at the bottom with a rubber tip. It has multiple diamond shapes up and down the length of the stick. Starting at the top. Eagle carved from butternut and mounted on the top, with a walnut spacer. The following pins have been inlaid and epoxied in place; ICAF (Industrial College of the Armed Forces) pin, Utah state quarter, Utah Beehive pin, Air Force pin. Then a Leather grip laced in place with artificial sinew,  Leather wrist leash mount with brass ring screwed to the stick. The following words have been hand carved down the shaft of the stick; John Deere, Hummer, Spruce aircraft, Scitor, “All gave some.  Some gave all”, Spinning wheel handcuffs, Skidsteer, Wood spirit face carving. Alpaca tamer, Camel racer, Mail room, and motorcycle jockey. The stick was finished with triple thick polyurethane spray.

Susan’s stick is diamond willow and approximately 5′ long, about 1-1/2″ diameter at the top, and 1″ diameter at the bottom. There is an abundance of diamond willow figures up and down the length of the stick. Starting at the top. Eagle head carved from butternut. The following pins have been inlaid, ICAF(Industrial College of the Armed Forces) pin, Navy + U.S. flag pin, KU Jayhawk Emblem, Kansas state pin, Leather grip held in place with laced sinew, a leather wrist looped attached with a brass ring screwed to the stick. The following items are hand carved down the length of the stick, Angel, painted with white and accented a light wash of blue, Knittin’, Sunflower painted with green stem and yellow flower, NAVY, Yarn spinner and spinning wheel,  Alpacas forever, VMI, “All gave some, Some gave all”, and a Red white and blue banner.

Puppy Love

“Puppy Love” is carved from basswood about 4″ tall, painted with acrylics, mounted on a slab of mesquite, and sealed with polyurethane. Puppy Love now resides that the home of my Aunt and Uncle in Denver Colorado.